Using a rowing machine will help with your fitness but is best used in conjunction with other exercise to obtain the best results.

Rowing will use large muscles in both your upper and lower body.Depending on the level of resistance you have with the equipment you will be getting a full body workout. Depending on how much you weigh and how fast you row you will lose a varying amount of calories however as a guide if you weigh 160 pounds you will burn around 511 calories when you row for an hour.

The main areas that rowing will workout in the body and the calves, hamstrings, gluteal and quadriceps muscles in the legs.

The upper body will benefit by using muscles in the back, shoulders and arms. While your core strength will be tested as well such as the muscles in your upper and lower abdominals and your lower back.

Of course before you start rowing you should consult a doctor if you are out of shape.  Rowing is a great exercise but it does put a strain on the back if you do not have correct form. Also when you get a rowing machine make sure you start off in small, manageable sessions and have the machine at a lower resistance to begin with.

The good thing is this exercise counts as cardio and strength and will help in getting rid of those unwanted pounds. Here are some of the best rowing machines available and they can certainly be used at home.

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