Did you know that hula-hooping is great for your for fitness and health? We are not referring to the kid-sized toy-store variety. Fitness hooping has become a popular and fun low-impact form of exercise that gives the core, legs and glute muscles a thorough workout. Not only is hooping an incredible way to get your heart rate up and start burning calories while toning and shaping your body, but if you get good at it, hooping for fitness is a lot like dancing.

If you’ve never been successful in getting a hula hoop to stay up, not to worry. Fitness hoops are weighted with sand and sand-like material increasing ease of use. Even if you’ve tried and tried to keep a child’s hula hoop in the air but just can’t seem to get the hang of it, you’re sure to master this form of hula hooping for exercise and fitness.

Hula hooping for exercise delivers an intense, sweat-dripping cardio-vascular workout. A 20-minute hula hooping session using a weighted exercise hoop raises the heart rate to start burning calories, and gives the lungs a full workout. A regular aerobic workout such as this has the long term affects of strengthening the heart muscle, improving breathing, lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol levels and reducing long term risk of disease.

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How Many Calories Can You Burn Hula Hooping with a Weighted Hoop?

Hula hooping for exercise can have you burning as much as 420 calories in an hour, or 210 calories in a 20-minute workout. The level of intensity in this cardio intensive form of exercise is comparable to an aerobic dance class style of working out, such as Zumba or belly dancing.

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Another article cites 165 calories burned in a half-hour weighted hula hooping session for women, and about 200 calories in a half an hour, for men.


An Interesting Fact: A weighted hula hoop does not necessarily mean a more intense workout. The lighter the hoop, the more difficult it will be to keep in motion. However, some weight on the hoop will give you the endurance you need to continue hooping for a longer amount of time. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different weights of fitness hoops to see which one feels right for the type of workout you’re going for.

How slim can you get by exercising with a weighted hula hoop? In 2015, a study of 13 women was conducted for 16 weeks. During that time, the women exercised using a weighted fitness hoop. By the end of the study, the women had lost an average of 3.4cm around their waist, and 1.5cm around their hips.

SOURCE: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25268284

Choosing the Right Fitness Hoop for You – Size, Weight

Thinking you’d like to have your own, custom-fitted weighted fitness hoop for a fun form of exercise that feels a lot like dancing, and targets those problem areas – waist, hips, butt, legs?

You’re not going to get away with borrowing your kids’ plastic hula hoop from the toy box and using it for exercise. Instead, order a fitness hoop that’s perfect for your size and ability level.

To determine the correct diameter of fitness hoop for you, try this trick. Run a tape measure from the floor to your waist. Write down that number. This is the ideal circumference of weighted hula hoop for you.

Confused about which weight of exercise hula hoop to get? If you plan to master the basics of hula hooping for fitness and then move on to hoop dancing, then choose a hoop that’s weighted but more on the light side. If you order online, read the product suggestions to find out if that particular thickness and weight of exercise hoop is right for your purpose.

Many of the thicker, heavier fitness hoops are great for a more intense workout, however, they’re not meant to fling around different parts of the body or toss in the air, as the extra weight can result in bodily injury.

If you plan to use a fitness hoop for a variety of different types of workouts, then you might be happiest having multiple hoops to add to your collection.
SOURCE: https://hooplovers.tv/what-size-hula-hoop-should-i-buy-for-beginners/

Sports Hoop Weighted Hoop, Weight Loss ACU Hoop 4M – 4lb (40 inches Wide) Medium, Weighted Fitness Exercise Hula Hoop

Just five minutes of hula hooping per day can make a significant difference in your fitness level, stamina and agility. This exercise hula hoop measures 40 inches wide and weighs 4 pounds. This particular model of exercise hoop is designed for people who weigh anywhere from 100 to 140 pounds.

Hula hooping is an optimal method of burning calories, reducing body fat, improving cardio-vascular health, and reducing risk of long term chronic illness.

High quality exercise hoop meets international safety and quality standards for this type of exercise equipment.

Features foam padding to reduce friction against the body and increase comfort level while exercising.

The fitness hoop disassembles into 8 separate pieces for easy storage while on-the-go or traveling.

Details from Amazon:

Sports Hoop Weighted Hoop, Weight Loss ACU Hoop 4M - 4lb (40 inches Wide) Medium, Weighted Fitness Exercise Hula Hoop

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  • Use only 5 minutes per day and see significant results in less than 2 weeks.
  • GS certified. Sports Hoop and Acu Hoop are USPTO trademarked. Exceeds international safety and quality standards. Comfortable foam paddings. High quality, durable plastic.
  • For adults weighing between 100lb and 140lb. Easy way to both have fun and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Weighs 4 pounds and measures 40 inches wide.
  • Easily attachable/detachable into 8 smaller pieces. Great for storage and easy to carry around.
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