Resistance bands are now quite popular. It may be difficult to imagine that something as simple as a resistance band can increase your stamina, but they really do make workouts a lot more challenging, bringin gnumerous benefits.

Why You Should Use Resistance Bands:

  • They make you exercise harder because of the increased resistance when you move. This in turn increases your fitness levels and helps you lose weight faster if that is your goal.
  • They modify normal boring workouts and make them more interesting and challenging.
  • They are safer than weights because they are lighter and won’t cause injury if dropped or released. Even so, they still give you the same type of challenge as using weights.
  • They work groups of muscles that otherwise can’t be exercised easily through free movements alone. Some groups of muscles are more accessible through the use of resistance bands than through the use of free weights.
  • They are cheap, portable, and space-saving, making them the perfect exercise tool that will prevent you from making excuses to skip your resistance training sessions.
  • They improve your coordination and balance.

Using Resistance Bands

It is easy to use resistance bands, and they are versatile enough to be combined with various exercises. Here are some simple examples that involve just the usage of the band:

  • Make squats and lunges more difficult by stepping on the band and lifting up its ends with your hands.
  • Do a leg press lying down by holding one end of the band in one hand and having one foot in the band’s other handle. Lift your leg and push against the band’s resistance.
  • Get on your hands and knees and wrap the band around one foot while holding the handles in your hands. Extend the foot backward to exercise your glutes with the added resistance of the band.
  • Stand with both feet on the band and pull both handles upward with your hands. This is known as a bicep curl. You can make this move more challenging by spreading your feet slightly more apart while doing this.

These are just some of the many exercises you can try whene using a resistance band. Use your imagination to come up with other ways to use the resistance band in your exercise sessions and you will notice the difference.

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