Now, I can hear you saying that this site is about exercise INSIDE the home. And it is.

But the intention was to show you that you did not have to join an expensive gym ot sports club to get the exercise you need, and we really forgot that there are cheap forms of exercise that can be done on your own, but OUTSIDE the house.

Running and cycling are obvious examples.

However, once you leave your home you are not as safe as you would be inside and so precautions need to be taken. One of the most important is a quality relective vest so that other people can see you and hopefully avoid an accident.

Many people will exercise in the dark when running, jogging or cycling and they have visibility issues. You may be able to see perfectly well, but can other people see you? This can raise safety concerns, especially in built up areas with heavy traffic. Many times during an outing, there’s no other choice but to cross busy streets, or run along main roads.

The danger is, there are times where drivers simply cannot see you, sometimes until it’s way too late. Up until now, the best protection you could hope for is reflective wear. The downside to this is that this relies on light reflecting off of the material before you become visible.

What was really needed was something that permanently glows, no matter what lighting conditions. This kind of tech has existed in the past, but due to heavy battery packs, dim lights and fast power drain, they were not always practical.

The good news is that due to new technology — fiber optics, high output, low consumption LED bulbs and tiny battery pack, all these previous problems have been solved.

The Tracer360 Illuminated & Reflective Vest

The Tracer360; a wearable, reflective & illuminated, super lightweight vest for outdoor exercising in poor lighting. Using fiber optics, the entire upper torso is illuminated, powered by a small power-pack.

You’ll no longer need to rely on headlights to light you up when it may be too late for the driver to take evasive action. No more near misses from drivers who just didn’t see you as they turned the corner or weaved through parked cars traffic.

The Tracer360 Visibility Vest is simply a small power-pack that mounts onto the lower back, attached via a belt and fiber optic tubing that straps over the shoulders. This weatherproof, breathable vest sits comfortably and weighs only 6.5 ounces.

Product features of the Tracer360 Visibilty Vest include:

Multiple light colors – Purple, pink, green, blue, orange, red, and multi-color flashing mode.
Lightweight and comfortable – The illuminated vest is hardly noticeable. Made from lightweight and breathable materials, the vest sits snug, and allows easy body and arm movement without restriction.
360 degree illumination – The fiber optic brightness, paired with reflective fluorescence is seen from the back, front and sides.
Powered illumination – Now you no longer have to rely on headlights and street lamps to reflect light off of your high vis reflective material
High quality – Although lightweight, the Tracer360 is reportedly engineered to very high standards with, good workmanship and quality materials.
All season – rain and moisture proof, suitable for any weather
Long battery life – Up to 40 hours of continuous use

Possible disadvantages – although most reviews report a positive experience with the product, there were a couple of complaints, mainly due to defective units. For example, one complaint was the light was stuck on one color, another indicated that the light went dim after a few uses. These complaints are very much in the minority, and the reviews received a quick reply to apologize and send them a new unit straight away without charge. I admire good customer service.

So do yourself a favor and reduce the possibility of trouble with nighttime running, cycling and other ouside fitness routines by getting a Tracer360 Visibility Vest.

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