Most of the DIY stores have reported increased sales over the past 12 months due to Covid-19. YouTube channels, books, and blogs in the DIY sphere have shown a surge in popularity and interaction. With various restrictions in place, this is understandable.

The DIY trend has not skipped the fitness industry. You don’t need fancy gym equipment or large space to get a great workout in. Some of these items below might seem unusual, but they get the job done, and that’s what is important.

Here are my top 3 DIY equipment ideas for all workout and health enthusiasts out there.

Old Car or Tractor Tires (including the inner tubes).

DIY Equipment

Tires are very versatile. You can drill a hole in them, screw in a hook and start pulling them around. Too complicated? Just grab one and flip it 10 times for 3 sets. You will feel a great full-body workout. With smaller tires, you can throw them around or just simply carry them for a “farmer’s walk” type of trapezius and core workout. If you have several tires at your disposal, you can build an agility circuit in your back yard on even in front of your house and get the neighbours to join in. Lay them down and try different jumping patterns from one tire to the next. Make sure you do not neglect that frontal and transverse body planes. The inner tubes of these tyres are not to be thrown out. Just cut them in half, close one end with a zip tie, fill them with sand to the desired weight. Then close the other end with another zip tie and you’ve got a perfectly good Bulgarian bag. Search the mighty Google to find some real hardcore workouts with it.

Things to do with Pipes

The best uses are 1.5-2 inch thick PVC or metallic pipes. You can build your very own pull-up bar. And not only that, you can build very easily a couple of parallel supports to get you doing those L sits and handstands in no time. The thing with the pipes is that they require a bit more DIY skills and a couple of tools to measure, cut, bend, and connect in the desired shape. If all else fails you can grab a couple of former water or milk jugs with side handles. Fill them up with gravel, sand or water to the desired weight, hang them on each side of the pipe and you have your very own barbell setup. Once you remove the jugs, these work as perfectly good dumbbells as well for that free weight workout you are itching to get but Covid-19 keeps your public gym on lockdown.

Medicine Ball Made of an Old Basketball

Diy Equipment

Simply cut a small hole with 1-1.5 inch diameter or as big as you need the narrow end of a funnel to be inserted. Fill the basketball through the funnel with sand to your desired weight using a scale. Next, patch the hole with a large enough tire patch. For extra security, use duck tape over the tyre patch.

And there you have it. Easy DIY fitness equipment ideas anyone can do with a tiny budget.

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